Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Today is a day where I don't write about fashion, clothing, or anything along those lines. Today I'm writing to you, the viewers on Blogger. All of you deserve a very warm Merry Christmas from the bottom of my heart. Whether your having the best Christmas of your life, or your struggling through it, just remember it's the time of the year to forget your troubles for one day and enjoy the feeling of Christmas, being with your loved ones, and having the feeling of warmth from the gifts your received. 
Now that you have shredded the wrapping paper off your presents, get yourself a big cup of tea and sit and relax until your evening festivities begin. Then you can get out of your pajamas that you've stayed in all day and change into something a little more appropriate for the evening.
Merry Christmas to All
Much Love- The Urban Code 

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Golden Age of Beige

Some may think that beige is the "blah" and "boring" colour that exists in our wardrobes, others think it's the "creme de la crop" of colours. To me, my wardrobe practically is based around the colour. Not only is it simple, classic and soft, it's compatible with mixing with vibrant colours. If your the type who is all about the minimalism look, vary your outfit up with different shades and tones of beige. You can add depth, contours and different textures to your outfit by varying it up. Also using the different shades of beige, you can avoid that one tone outfit which you regret wearing for the rest of your life looking back at the pictures.

Now if your the type who isn't afraid to show a burst of colour, beige can be the perfect companion for it. Pairing beige with that burst of colour can put focus on that one specific piece of clothing that you love oh so much. It doesn't take away from your outfit, it can be that finishing touch, the cherry on top.

Whatever you choose, bold or classic, beige can be any outfit's best friend.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Your Grandmother's Homemade Sweater- Evolved

Oh there is just something about those chunky knits and argyle designs that screams casual chic. Instead of dishing out over $100.00 for this irresistible trend, get your mom or grandmother to put their knitting skills to the test. Not only will they be thrilled to make you something, you can avoid that cheesy Christmas sweater during this holiday season.
Not only is this trend hitting the runways, especially in D&G's fall 2010 collection, it's hitting the streets. From having that perfect over sized sweater with simple leggings and boots, why not mix it up and add a little more flare to that simple sweater feel.  Skip the sweater idea, make a strapless knitted shirt, shorts... why not make a skirt? Pair it with a belt, leather jacket and classic black pumps,  you can instantly turn this cozy outfit into an edgy, make people stop and stare outfit.
Who wouldn't mind having people admire their grandmother's homemade sweater? They never need to know.

It can be our little secret.

Welcome to My World

There's things in life where people can relate to things, express themselves in a certain way, and show their true colours as an individual. This is my way of showing my world. Showing what I love, what I'm obsessed with, and what makes my world spin round.
There is one word that comes to mind to sum up my life: Fashion.
This one, powerful and meaningful word has allowed me to express myself, be creative and allow my confidence to show through my peers. Fashion is ever changing. Different seasons means different looks. New designers emerge, old designers try to trump their fashion rivals and models strut down the runway showing the new season's collection.

Are you coming or what? :)
Welcome world to my blog. A Fashion blog. Updating the new looks, voicing my opinion on them, whether they are eccentric or classic and i want YOU, the reader to voice your opinion back. This is not a one person blog... it's a blog where anyone has the freedom to say what they want. Show your love, hatred, or mixed emotions about a look.

Now enough about me rambling on... let's actually get started shall we?