Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Golden Age of Beige

Some may think that beige is the "blah" and "boring" colour that exists in our wardrobes, others think it's the "creme de la crop" of colours. To me, my wardrobe practically is based around the colour. Not only is it simple, classic and soft, it's compatible with mixing with vibrant colours. If your the type who is all about the minimalism look, vary your outfit up with different shades and tones of beige. You can add depth, contours and different textures to your outfit by varying it up. Also using the different shades of beige, you can avoid that one tone outfit which you regret wearing for the rest of your life looking back at the pictures.

Now if your the type who isn't afraid to show a burst of colour, beige can be the perfect companion for it. Pairing beige with that burst of colour can put focus on that one specific piece of clothing that you love oh so much. It doesn't take away from your outfit, it can be that finishing touch, the cherry on top.

Whatever you choose, bold or classic, beige can be any outfit's best friend.

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